Vicki Boykis, Data Wrangler, Writer

circlepicWhat do you do for work?

I work as a wrangler of TV usage data for Comcast using SQL, Hadoop, Tableau, Gephi, and other tools that sound like they could also be zoo animals. Big Data. Tiny data. Even *gasp* Excel pivot tables.

What do you do for play?

By night, I’m an MBA student. Does that count? I’m also writing my first novel and trying to run more than 5k at a time. When I have time, I eat Nutella.

What is your superpower?

Book hoarding.

What appeals to you about BarCamp? Ever been to one before?

It sounds like it might take place at a bar.

What would you love to see at BarCamp this year?

Haven’t been before, so open to anything. I’ll be honest though, I’m really hoping there are Lite-Brites.

If you were to lead a session, what would it be about?

Something about storytelling with numbers or how to self-publish.

Website? Blog? Twitter?

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