Briana Morgan, Document and Internet Czar

Profile-Pic-from-PPHA-2012What do you do for work?

I’m a website coordinator at a small nonprofit. I also take minutes for the meetings. And design some fliers. And do almost all of our social media stuff. And kind of ninja-plan marketing strategies. Did I mention it’s a small nonprofit?

What do you do for play?

If it isn’t all play, you’re doing it wrong.

What is your superpower?

Thinking almost everything is funny. It comes in handy, trust me.

What appeals to you about BarCamp? Ever been to one before?

Finding out I’m interested in tech is new and surprising for me. I’m a curious person so I’ve decided I want to learn all of the things. This seems complementary to that. Also, the copy on this website is amazing. [Ed. Aw, thanks!]

What would you love to see at BarCamp this year?

Anything about gamification. *swoon*

If you were to lead a session, what would it be about?

Nonprofit something or other. Maybe how nonprofits need to wake up and get with it already, amirite?

Website? Blog? Twitter?


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