Sponsoring BarCamp Philly is a great way to support an educational community environment, foster learning and collaboration, as well as reach some of the most driven, creative and tech-savvy people from the region. We strive to find creative ways to promote your business leading up to and on the day of the event.

We came up with sponsorship amounts to allow room for interested companies and individuals to donate whatever they like. We know that some businesses are able to donate big, while other smaller businesses and indies need to keep the budget smaller. We appreciate every penny of sponsorship EQUALLY!

We use all sponsorship money to improve the quality of the experience of BarCamp Philly. Last year, sponsorship money went to printing t-shirts, providing breakfast and coffee, conference materials and an open bar at the after party.

Thank you for helping us put on a great event for the community!

NOTE: The t-shirt deadline for sponsors is October 30th.

Sponsorship Levels:

Big: $250

We will display and link your logo on our site and list your company name on the back of our promotional t-shirt! You’ll also receive 2 free tickets to the event.

Giant: $500

Your logo will be linked on our website and we’ll feature your company on the back of our promotional t-shirt! You’ll also receive 4 free tickets to the event.

Baller: $1000

Your logo will get top billing on our site and your logo will feature on the back of our promotional t-shirt! You’ll also receive 6 free tickets to the event.

Friend: $10-100

We will display your name and link to your url on our Sponsors page! This is our way of including all those rad individuals who are looking to support BarCamp independently.

We salute you, and we’ll make sure you get the swag you deserve on game day.

Sponsorship Packages:

These are special, one-sponsor-each packages that offer a little extra zing. In addition to the perks of the Baller sponsor level, each of these comes with the opportunity to put up a banner, so that everyone knows who to thank for the life-giving beverages, noms, and sweets. If you don’t have a banner but do have some swag, we can work it out! Just email us with ideas.


FOOD! This package sponsors the professionally-catered morning breakfast spread of pastries, bagels, fruit, yogurt, and more that will kick us off in the morning. It is seriously delicious food, and will be even better this year than last.


Buy coffee for everyone! This package sponsors the morning and afternoon coffee and tea service that will be available to fuel attendees all day long.


Sometimes you need a pick-me-up! This package sponsors an afternoon infusion of sweetness, by way of hot spiced apple cider and delicious cookies, which will be brought into the main forum during the lunch break and available all afternoon.

Thanks to our Sponsors!

Venue & Media Sponsors

Where would we be without you? (Probably on the street.)

Baller Sponsors

Seriously, wow.

Giant Sponsors

You’re amazing!

Big Sponsors

You’re awesome! Thank you!