BarCamp is this weekend! You know what that means?

Time to volunteer!

Volunteers make our world go round, and they get first pick at the t-shirts and free admission (if you haven’t already scored your ticket; if you have, let me know, I will work something out for you)! If you want to help out for an hour or more at the Pre-Party, BarCamp itself, and/or the Afterparty, we want to hear from you!

Shifts range from helping with registration, passing out t-shirts, and keeping the coffee and noms straightened up, to being a font of all knowledge for confused attendees, and handing out wristbands at the afterparty. Shifts are typically either in 60 or 45 minute blocks.

If you’d like to help out, just fill out our contact form ASAP with I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE! in the title, and we’ll get you added to the Google Doc where you can pick shifts.

Synchronize your watches! Go go go!

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