Organizers (Updated)

EDITED 10/17/12:  Sadly we must backpedal on this a little bit! While JP came back onboard fully intending to rock BarCamp, he did not anticipate the turn his fall months would take in terms of commitments and time-consuming obligations that had to take precedent.

So JP has stepped back down, although he will be helping with feedback and moral support. And he’ll get that good night’s rest before BarCamp after all! (Lucky sod.)

Wait, who’s in charge here?

You may recall, at the end of last year, shedding a tear or two as we lost 3 of our 4 organizers. Founders Roz and JP, and 3x organizer Kelani, stepped down, leaving the BarCamp Philly event in the hands of 2x organizer Sarah. It was the partial end of an era, and we all waited with bated breath to see who Sarah would bring on to help out with year 5 (or whether she’d try to do it by herself, like a lunatic [she was seriously considering this route]).

Well Sarah would like to introduce you to this up and coming young gun she found to help out… his name is JP Toto!

Yep. Turns out, when faced with the looming spectre of being able to enjoy his favorite fall event without going slightly crazy beforehand (I mean, who’d want that? A good night’s rest before BarCamp? PSH.), JP couldn’t stay away. He’s back onboard, and promises he’ll never leave you again, baby. He was just tired, confused, he wasn’t thinking right. You know he loves you. Here, he brought you a Nerd Merit Badge. All better!

Sarah and JP have also leveled up our hard-working Wharton liaison, Tim Allen! Tim really outdid himself last year getting all the signoffs and sponsorships needed to navigate the complex internal reservation systems at Wharton, and he’s doing it again this year with nothin’ but style. He’s already scored us hella rooms, and he’ll be hard at work making sure we have the signs, adapters, and A/V staff that we need to rock a flawless day. So say hi to your third BarCamp organizer amigo!

So! Year 5 gets going with a pretty seasoned team, and you can find them on Twitter at @jptoto, @sarahphymn, and @FlipperPA. Tally ho!

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