Now seeking fearless leaders (with a lot of time on their hands)!

bcp.whosnextAhh, Philly. Can it be that a winter and a spring have come and gone since the last BarCamp? We hope you’ve been busy!

We certainly have been. Sarah has settled herself oceanside in sunny Venice, CA and is currently not yet tired of reminding her Facebook friends that she lives 20 yards from a beach covered in a high-speed wifi mesh. JP, the mostly-retired godfather of BCP, is a newlywed, so really no one has heard from him in a bit. Tristin is lost in the mountains somewhere, amusing herself with looking at $12.5 million homes. And Tim? Tim is still kicking butt and taking names (names like Felicia Day, omg) in the Tech Community of Brotherly Love.

As Sarah mentioned at the end of the event last year, 2013 is going to see some new leadership for BarCamp Philly. With her moving across the continent, the last member of the Roz/JP/Kelani/Sarah team waved farewell. Tim, the masterminding Wharton half of the 2012 equation, took a deep breath, and decided that now was a good time for a whole new crop of runners to grab the torch.

And perhaps that is where you come in.

We cannot stress this enough: Running BarCamp Philly is at very least a part-time job for every organizer involved. The time investment that each organizer is willing to put into the event will make or break the BarCamp for everyone. You don’t have to develop day-of content, obv, but you have to do literally everything else.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Design, develop, launch the website. Keep it, Twitter, and Facebook updated with good content and engagement.
  • Get sponsors. Get sponsors! GET MORE SPONSORS. Get whiplash from feast/famine influx of sponsors. Court sponsors, create value for them without diluting the event. Get moar sponsors.
  • Design the logo, materials, and t-shirt. Stay on top of production options and deadlines. Prep and deliver art files. Pick up materials. A lot of this is last-minute due to sponsor logos.
  • Catering and Venue — We’ve got great relationships for these, but they’re still intense in terms of bookings, logistics, forms, deposits, etc.
  • Preparty, Afterparty, sponsor events, drinks, party food, themes, games, what is happening? Only what you MAKE happen.
  • The finances. You need to be REALLY good at spreadsheets, estimates, planning, and double-checking to keep this in order.
  • Marketing the event. Word of mouth is great, but not enough. You need to get this out there, pimp ticket sales, remind people, outreach to communities, go go go.
  • Volunteer coordination is not a joke. Some volunteers are godsends who do far more than they ever agreed to, and some disappear silently like undercover operatives who had a last-minute extraction to Moscow. And you have to recruit, schedule, manage, back up, and encourage them all.
  • Innovation. BarCamp Philly gets better every year! That should continue. Remember last year’s Job Board? And the bacon? What’s going to be new and exciting in 2013?

So. Do you have what it takes?

  • A lot of the above skills — graphic design, content creation, website dev, event planning, organization, logistics, tenacity, creativity, financial planning, sponsorship marketing, the ability to do many things on very, very little sleep with the sure knowledge that however much you increase the order over last year’s, the coffee WILL run out when you need it most?
  • An enormous amount of time, increasing in quantity in the fall?
  • A history of attending our beloved BarCamp and rocking it in your own way?
  • Ability to work well with others?
  • A bottomless well of love in your soul for the Philly community and a pathological dedication to creating an amazing platform for them to build beautiful insanity upon?
  • A willingness to maybe not even get to go to more than one or two sessions during the actual day of BarCamp? (Duty doesn’t just call, she blows up your phone.)

Then perhaps you are cut out for this.

Sarah, Tim, and JP will be working together in July to pick someone to lead the charge. We will orient you, and do our best to equip you with what we have and what we’ve learned, and then you will form your dream team and take it from there. (Soon, too, because now is the time to book dates and start buzz.)

So if you’re interested, and you really truly think you can make BarCamp Philadelphia better than we’ve ever made it before, please get in touch. Fill out our contact page form by the end of the month, aka June 30th. Tell us what you’ve got, tell us why you want to do this and how the best single day in the Philly tech year can benefit from your brand of awesome. (And reassure us that you have the time for this and are obsessed with details, because that’s so important.) Convince us!

And the rest of you, who are way too sane to step into this river, please send good vibes to your tributes. We’ll announce them soon!

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