More About Our Venue

This year, we’ve got almost all of the epically swank Forum level in Huntsman Hall.

Here’s the breakdown:

We have reserved all day:

  • 7x 60-seater tiered classrooms with projector+full A/V+blackboards
  • 1x 125-seater tiered classroom with projector+full A/V+blackboards
  • 1x 299-seater mega-auditorium with projector+full A/V+blackboards

This means we’re looking at at least 9 sessions going every block.
(min-sessions:36am 27pm; min-capacity:844gks;)

First-Come Rooms:

These are rooms we can’t technically reserved, but odds are great that they’ll be available to us.

  • 5x 25-seater flat classrooms with blackboards, some with projectors
  • 2x 40-seater flat classrooms with blackboards, some with projectors

This means we’re looking at potentially 7 more sessions per block. 
(max-sessions:64am 48pm; max-capacity:1049gks; /*omg*/)

Of course, take those capacity numbers with a grain of salt, because there is almost no chance that 299 folks would squeeze into the auditorium every single session block. So it’s a little inflated. But we’re definitely looking at a comfortable upper limit of 600 eager BarCampers.

And here’s where it gets fun…

Catalyst Rooms:

This floor has a bunch of tiny rooms typically used by students as group study rooms. They’re generally not much more than a table and 6 chairs, with a big window allowing visibility by passersby.

While students are free to grab these rooms while we’re BarCamping, the odds are there won’t be many students roaming around taking them. So we are going to think of these rooms as catalyst rooms.

Here’s the thinking:  Every year, at BarCamp, sparks ignite and people meet who quickly realize they want to start something, even if it’s just a far more in-depth conversation and exploration. Meetings of minds that aren’t big enough to be sessions, but definitely deserve/require more than a spot in the hallway.

This year, when you find yourselves in the grip of that kind of serendipity, you will have a place to go. Grab a catalyst room, maybe even stick a note in the window telling passersby what you’re pow-wowing about and inviting them in, and put your heads together. Go, campers, go!


We’re excited about this space. We have huge capacity, all on one floor, with a spacious and comfortable Forum area for mingling between sessions and refreshing the snacks, the drinks, and the occasional swag. The monitors mounted around the area will be streaming the online schedule. The world will be our oyster.

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