May the nerds be ever in their favor!

thebarcampgamesAlright all, here it is… the big announcement! (Actually, TWO of them!)

Firstly, we are so thrilled to reveal that the new custodians of BarCamp Philly are none other than

Maurice Gaston and David Dylan Thomas!

Alias @mofro and @movie_pundit, this dynamic duo already has a bad habit of creating incredible things in this community, and you probably know and love them as much as we do! They recently collaborated on their inspiring Developing Philly series, telling the story of how the “innovation community” of brotherly love grew from its humble beginnings to the bastion of fabulosity it is today.

In case you don’t know them yet, here are their bios from the Developing Philly site:

DDT David Dylan Thomas
Director, Co-producer, Editor
Thomas has been making films since he was in high school with two VCRs splicing together a rockumentary about local bands. He’s been in love with technology since he worked in distance education in 2000. Currently he tries to indulge both passions by making this web series, running the Content Strategy Philly meetup, and creating Content Camp, an unconference about the future of content.

MOMaurice Gaston
Cinematographer, Co-producer, Music
Trained as an engineer, Gaston (while no stranger to video, music production, and the occasional editing) is now principally a geek who writes code for a living. Telling stories and making things are the two primary drivers that war for his attention. It’s the former that drew him to work with Thomas on Developing Philly. And it’s the drive towards the latter that helped it to exist.

They actually MET at a BarCamp Philly, so it’s pretty much fate that they would come full circle to sacrifice thems—I mean, carry the torch for this awesome unconf!

We could not be more excited to see what these two, and the crew they assemble, put together for 2013.

Which brings us to announcement #2…

NOVEMBER 9, 2013.

Save the date, and stay tuned for the new site! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter! Start planning your talks, and above all, GET EXCITED. See you in November!

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