Get ready for BarCamp Philly 5!

Get excited… the fall classic is back! Mark your calendars and polish your shoes, the nerderati event of the year* is going to be held:

Huntsman Hall at The Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania

Whether it’s your first or fifth BarCamp Philly, join your fellow makers, hackers, designers, techies, bootstrappers, mischief-makers, and glorious ne’er-do-wells for a day-long celebration of open sharing and learning.

Here’s the space we’ve reserved this year. All big rooms have slick A/V at your disposal.

As always, schedule creation will happen from 8AM-10AM. This is where you show up, decide what you want to share with your fellow BarCampers, and put it on the board.

Be brave! Be bold! Be zany! You are what makes BarCamp great. Bring your best game and mind meld with your community.

  • The board may be a little different this year! Stay tuned for a post all about that.
  • We will be doubling our coffee order from last year, so never fear! There will be plenty of liquid fuel for you, alongside the gorgeous breakfast spread we’ll be setting up.
  • Each classroom is fully equipped with sexy A/V capabilities, but please bring your own adapters. There will be some adapters on-hand, but you never know if it’s exactly the from/to combo you need, and a backup in your pocket is invaluable.
  • Tickets are $10 until October 20th! After that, they’re $15. Every penny of this goes to making the event happen, and then making the afterparty’s open bar last and last.
  • If you have any other tips you’d like to share—either with the organizers, or your fellow attendees—put them in the comments below!

If you’re already itching to get your brand involved as well as your good self, click on over to the Sponsors page and see what we have for you!

This year’s capacity is 600 people. This much concentrated awesome in one space might trigger the singularity, but it’s a risk we have to take.

* We might be slightly biased.

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