Jobs & Giveaways! Also, bacon.

Ok, so your weekend coming up is looking pretty amazing.

You’ve RSVPd for the preparty, which means on Friday night, you’ll be hanging out in a swanky loft space, drinking local brews fresh from the kegerator, eating hoagie-snob-approved sandwiches from Sarcone’s, chatting with this awesome developer/artist/part-time fish monger you’ve just met over ping-pong, and challenging your compadre to a friendly PS3-based battle on a comfy couch.

You’ve also bought your BarCamp Philly ticket, which means on Saturday you’ll be at Wharton at 8am, eating a fresh lox bagel, drinking hot coffee, and brainstorming a session to post on the schedule board that is already starting to take shape. You’ll spend the day being inspired, growing your connections, opening your brain, and sharing your knowledge. Some time late morning, you’ll grab a catalyst room with two folks from your last session, and by the time you leave, you will have a serious collaboration underway. And there will be a bakery’s worth of pastries and gallons of hot apple cider in the afternoon.

After that, it’s off to a banging afterparty at the ever-lovely National Mechanics, complete with tasty appetizers and an open bar—AN OPEN BAR—until the last drop of sponsor money is poured out.

What could make that better? I mean, we don’t want to get greedy, but it could always get a little better, right? Here’s how:


We’ll have job boards set up, so that orgs can post their job openings, and individuals can post their qualifications. The Openings board will be open to everyone, so if you’re looking for talent, bring some job descriptions and plan to spend some time perusing profiles! Meanwhile, if you’re looking for work, bring a bunch of business cards and get your name up on the Candidates board early in the day.


Not only will there be a sponsor swag table where you pick up what they’re puttin’ down, but there is a whole other level happening during the afterparty. Drop your name in the hat for a chance to grab some hotness, in the forms of a Nexus 7 and an iPad Mini, courtesy of LaunchCycle.


Remember how awesome BarCamp Tour is? They just got awesomer. They’re springing for a small fleet of party buses (Yellow school buses! Because we’re all about learning.) to pick us up after closing remarks, and deposit us happily at the afterparty steps. Glorious.



There’s a rumor. Who knows if it’s true. Better get there early to find out.

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