Final pregame announcement: Download the Shindig app!

TOMORROW is the big day! We’re excited to see you all bright and early. The BarCamp Tour Pre-Party is currently well underway at Zivtech, and in addition to hoagies and beer, there are knit monkey hats. (Seriously, MailChimp has the best swag.)

Our final missive to all of you is regarding the schedule for tomorrow. This year, we’ll be using the hot new IndyHall-riffic app Shindig!

Shindig is an event management app that allows conferences and festivals to construct a digital schedule and keep it updated on the fly, sending push notifications of changes and keeping attendees up to date via iPhone/Android apps and a mobile site.

We’re excited to be partnering with them this year to keep the BarCamp Philly schedule fresh and accessible! To be ahead of the game, download the app now and you’ll be ready to rock tomorrow!

See you at 8:00!

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