BarCamp Tour Über-Sponsorship

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there were four magical brands who joined together to form THE BARCAMP TOUR. Together, they traveled far and wide to fight the forces of insufficient funds and overwhelming logistics, to bring support and nurturing to BarCamps all over.

These brands were Wufoo (Online Form Builder), Grasshopper (Virtual Phone System) Batchbook (Social CRM) and MailChimp (Easy Email Newsletters)… and they rocked the worlds of many a BarCamper, with their rallying cry: “Whatever makes your lives easier!”

BarCamp Tour is a really inspiring entrepreneurial venture that visits a selection of BarCamps around the United States every year, offering them sponsorships in an effort to relieve pressures and enhance the quality of the events. With as catalytic and wonderful as a BarCamp can be to a community of makers and shakers, the fact that four brands would get together to help those BarCamps be all they can be is just about the best thing we’ve heard in a while.

This year, BarCamp Tour is sponsoring the heck out of BCP5. They are sponsoring the entire pre-party, bringing food, beer, and souvenir pint glasses to a shindig near you.

They are also sponsoring the afternoon sugar rush, which will greet you after you return from lunch during BarCamp! This will be a spread of hot spiced apple cider and a drool-worthy array of tasty sweet things, to get you back into gear with a burst of energy for the home-stretch.

So please join me in a massive high-five to our BarCamp Tour Guides!

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